24. 8. 2021

On the Road to John Hejduk   The publication presents The Rolling House, which stands in the school courtyard in front of the Faculty of Architecture in Prague. It was created in 2019 as part of the Design-Build project of the Seho – Světlík studio of the Institute of Design II of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University, based on sketches by John Hejduk. This commission came from the dean of the faculty Ladislav Lábus. The students did not have at the disposal the plans, but only the sketches they found in Hejduk’s book Vladivostok. In addition to the mentioned project, the publication also deals with the artist’s background. John Hejduk was a prominent American pedagog and architect with Czech roots. He was a member of the New York Five, one of the pillars of the postmodern scene. In addition to a few buildings, he has realized, alone or with his collaborators and students, objects – masques – that balance between architecture and sculpture. Initiation: Hana Seho. Editor: Jiří Horský. Editorial collaboration: Hana Seho. Authors of the drawings: Jiří Boudník, John Hejduk, Kamil Roškot. Authors of the texts: Jiří Boudník, David Gerstner, Jiří Horský, Ladislav Lábus, Luis Marques, Larry Mittnick, Catherine Seavitt Nordenson, Hana Seho, Vladimír Šlapeta. Author of the graphic design: Alena Hyblerová