President’s message

The purpose of the European Association for Architectural Education EAAE is to advance the quality of architectural education and also to promote the quality of architecture in Europe and beyond. The EAAE provides a forum for generating information on aspects of architectural education and architectural research. Its mission is to build a network of European schools of architecture, fostering discussions, exchanges and a common policy in Europe to advance the quality of architectural education.

We are very thankful for the high commitment of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague to organize this year’s EAAE Annual Conference. Due to the pandemic, the conference had to be postponed for one year and redefined in a hybrid format. We appreciate the tremendous efforts of Dean Ladislav Lábus and his fantastic team very much.

With each of the EAAE Annual Conferences we delve into a topic we are concerned with in our everyday lives as architectural educators, researchers and leaders. This year’s “New Dimensions” addresses different aspects of our professional fields as architects, urbanists and landscape architects. One of these dimensions, if not the dimension, is sustainability and the development of a social model for a healthy planet. It is a fact that the construction sector consumes 40–50% of the world’s natural resources, generates 30% of Europe’s waste and is one of the most important sources of CO2. This is not sustainable. The “European Green Deal” is in full swing, and EAAE has taken a very active role by joining forces with several European institutions and associations such as ACE, ECEC, ECIA, ECTP, ELIA and IFLA in the New European Bauhaus Movement.

The EAAE Annual Conferences also serve as a platform for our community to engage in high quality architectural education and research. Our goal is to foster an international network of people and of institutions dedicated to the critical and constructive dialogue on all aspects of teaching and researching on sustainable architecture and on a culture of a high-quality built environment.

I am looking very much forward to welcoming you in Prague!

Prof. Dr. Oya Atalay Franck
EAAE President


School of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering ZHAW: Winterthur (Switzerland), EAAE President