24. 8. 2021

This book presents the papers written by 34 participants following the 7th Workshop on Conservation, organised by the Conservation Network of the European Association for Architectural Education in Prague, Czech Republic in 2019. All papers have been peer-reviewed. The Workshop was attended by 51 participants from the following countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom. Editors: Rodica Crișan, Donatella Fiorani, Giovanna Franco, Loughlin Kealy, Stefano Francesco Musso, PetrVorlík. Graphic layout: Lucia Mlynčeková. Production: Petr Vorlík, Klára Ullmannová, Lucia Mlynčeková, Tereza Poláčková, Gabriela Thompson. Published by and with gratitude financial support of the Faculty of Architecture CTU in Prague.