Wednesday 25.08.2021

13.00 - 17.00

Meeting point

Matějská 2352/76, Prague 6
in front of a supermarket Albert / bus stop “U Matěje” lines  131, 216

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VLADIMÍR ŠLAPETA – Historian of architecture

MIROSLAV PAVEL – Assistant professor FA CTU

KLÁRA BRŮHOVÁ – Historian of architecture FA CTU

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"An attempt by the builders to cooperate with the architects for the realization of a good housing, corresponding to the opinion of a modern man." This is how the Baba settlement was characterized at the time of its construction in 1932. The residential complex of over 30 buildings ranks alongside the European colonies of modern housing established, for example, in Stuttgart, Vienna and Wroclaw. The construction was organized by the Union of Czechoslovak Works and the top architectural scene of the time took part in the project. Behind the scenes of the Baba settlement and the characteristics of its progressive modernist architecture, will be presented by the professor Vladimír Šlapeta, the historian of architecture.