Conference recap

By Kristýna Sedlaříková

“Whatever stage of a project – whether ideation or finalization – an architect’s most important job is to communicate the ideas of the architectural project,” said Jenny B. Osuldsen. Her presentation kicked off the first theme of the conference, which was The Role of the Architect. The panel also featured Hugo Dworzak, Oya Atalya Franck, Michal Kohout and Till Rehwaldt. Also the rector of the CTU, Vojtěch Petráček, greeted all the participants of the conference.

The keynote speaker, Eric Luiten, introduced the second topic of the conference with the title Overlapping disciplines. He was joined for the panel by Ole Gustavsen, Lars Marcus and Ombretta Romice, all three of them remotely. In person participants of the panel were Jan Jehlík, Ivan Plicka and Mia Roth Čerina.

The conference was concluded with a discussion on the Universality of architectural education with panellists Ladislav Lábus, Paola Vigano, Johan De Walsche and student representative Vojtěch Rudorfer. Keynote lecture was held by Inaki Alday.

Very challenging role of moderators of each panel was accepted by the deans of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of the TUL, the Faculty of Architecture of the BUT and the rector of ARCHIP. Osamu Okamura, Jan Kristek and Regina Loukotová have done a great job!